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Central Vacuum Cleaning

To ensure constant hygiene and minimal dust build up (especially with hazardous dusts), a central vacuum cleaning system is normally designed and put in place.

A proper central vacuum cleaning (CVC) system takes into consideration the dust loading, number of suction points active at one time etc. while also considering the locations of the dust collector, hazardous dust implications and so on.

Sometimes this central vacuum seize to work becasue of some blockage or dirt or something similar.  TC air duct cleaning helps you to clean up your blocked central vacuum.
Clean Central Vacuum yourself:

If you are interested to clean the central vacuum yourself.  Here is what you can try.

First determine where your hose is blocked.  If you get low suction at all of your outlets, it means your blockage is either in the hose or more likely, between the first outlet and your canister.   If you only have low suction on one outlet, the blockage is between that one and the one that’s working fine.

After that to unclog your central vac, just stick the hose from your portable vacuum into the offending central vac. outlet and let ‘er suck. The hose should just fit right in the outlet and create good suction.  If not just wrap a towel or your hands around it to create a good seal.  Repeat as necessary

Price for Central Vacuum Cleaning:
upto maximum for 4 outlets.
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