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Energy Saving Tips

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Is Your HVAC System Wasting Money? – Steps to Save Energy

Whether you are concerned about rising energy costs, or simply wanting to do your part in conserving energy, here are some tips that will help you conserve energy:

* Switch from incandescent bulbs to high efficiency and florescent bulb
* Clean your HVAC system – clean air ducts, a-coils, furnace filters, air conditioners and the furnace.
* Adjust room temperature according to season
* Evaluate energy usage when no one is home
* Make sure all equipment is functioning as designed
* Install weather stripping around doors and windows

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that the real estate management industry can reduce energy usage by up to 30 percent simply by improving building operating standards. If a 1 million-square-foot portfolio can reduce its energy consumption by just 10 percent, it would be the environmental equivalent of removing almost 5,000 cars off the road for one year.

Energy efficiency is easy — and doesn’t require significant capital expenditures to make a big difference in your operating expenses. Use this checklist to reduce the need for unscheduled maintenance and to make sure that you’re saving all you can. Start with the lowest cost efforts and use cumulative dollars saved to invest in larger improvements.
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