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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality

We thought this  interview was worth posting as it clearly defines the importance of air  duct cleaning. While the author of the 10 year old EPA publication about  air duct cleaning down plays the connection between allergies and dirty  air ducts, common sense and even allergists tell us otherwise.

If  you suffer from allergies and haven’t had your air ducts cleaned  recently, we recommend spending the $125 and just taking care of it. Make  sure the duct cleaner you hire also has the ability to thoroughly clean  and inspect your furnace while they are out.

Out with summer, in with indoor allergies
Krista Brown

The seasonal allergy time is winding down, but as the temperatures cool and windows are closed for the year, allergy sufferers face a new culprit – indoor allergens.

Jeffrey Glassheim, ThedaCare allergist, said he believes more people suffer from indoor allergies than outdoor, which makes for a rough season for his patients. The big problem occurs, he said, when allergy-sufferers turn on their furnace for the first time.

“If people haven’t cleaned their air ducts, there are almost always irritants and residual allergens that are going to set them off,” Glassheim said.

At the very least, he said, people can change the filters in their furnace, which can help control mites and dander.

Pet dander, dust mites, mold and cockroaches are most often the culprits of indoor allergies. And while frequent vacuuming and maximizing hardwood and tile while minimizing carpeting can help, proper furnace filtration and duct cleaning will be most beneficial, he said.

“People say when the heat comes on for the first time, it’s terrible,” he said. “And people are usually living with (these allergens) all year. It’s like living in a sea of them.”
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